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All the colors of the countryside wedding

If you cannot visit the Hamptons, you might as well bring the Hamptons to you. Nobody has ever done this in a better way than Jana and Peter, who really did the best to bring that New York Upper East Side feel to the heart of Vojvodina, to their countryside wedding. What makes this even better is their decision to opt for professional wedding photography to turn this wonderful day into a lifelong memory.

The month is July, and the weather is hot. Sunny days always have that special feel and here is the proof that some of the best bridal portraits are made when the sun rays do their magic. Jana and Peter went for the popular and authentic restaurant Salaš 137 as their venue for their big event, and they couldn’t have made a better choice. The combination of intact nature, wonderful weather, rustic ambiance and their stunning outfits really resulted in the creation of their own Hamptons-like wedding.

This wedding was also proof that plenty of colors go very well with the pastel colors of the nature around them. The flower bouquets added a special touch by accentuating all the beautiful colors around us. The ones that we more often than not take for granted. Dream Weddings by Lena recognized this and delivered with style.

What more can be done? Pink balloons that were indeed extremely photogenic and made Jana and Peter’s wedding much more memorable. Soft, tender yet full of love, they will most certainly serve as a symbol of their love and their big day. To end this magnificent event, all the family members and friends did their best to make this party unforgettable. Dancing the night away, sipping wine and showing their love and support for the happy couple is always a great way to end any wedding. 

This wedding proved once again that details really do matter a lot for modern photography. Moreover, it showed that one can create amazing and cherished memories by playing with colors. I would like to thank Jana and Peter for this great opportunity to experience such an authentic wedding. It has indeed been quite a pleasure.

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