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What can you expect from a couple who’s ready to jump in the sea just to take their most unique wedding picture? I can only say that I was blessed to be their wedding photographer in Kotor.

Being a destination wedding photographer has actually plenty of advantages. First of all, there is always the option of changing sceneries as you have the time to do this. And this is precisely how you create some of the most beautiful examples of urban photography. Even today, many ask why Natasha’s and Nemanja’s wedding was so unique. The answer lies in the magnificent ideas that all of us brainstormed.

Namely, this wedding photoshoot took place in town Kotor, Montenegro, which is well-known not only for its mesmerizing coastline but also because of the beautiful nature that surrounds the whole town. Due to our inability to choose only one destination, we went for all of them, and it has definitely been a great idea.

The photo session started in a very casual manner in the narrow streets of the old part of the town. Having casual wedding photographs is equally important, as they definitely portrait the true nature of the happy couple, away from the chaos of the big day and the pressure that comes with it. This was, of course, followed by several formal wedding photographs that were completely romantic. The beautiful nature of Montenegro and its great forests made this moment quite a fairytale-like one. 

Apart from the pre wedding photos there was one last thing that was definitely on my bucket list – a mesmerizing wedding photo session by the sea. Montenegro is a great place to do this as it has some amazing beaches and the rocks that surround the whole town are extremely photogenic. It was this part of the photo session that emphasized the carefreeness and the playful personality of the happy couple. Is there anything more beautiful for a set of wedding photographs?

This has been such a wonderful event. Even so, this has definitely been one of the most fun photo sessions I’ve ever done. So, once again, thank you Natasha and Nemanja for this amazing opportunity. Unfortunately, my jump in the sea wasn’t documented, but never mind. Natasha and Nemanja’s was, and that’s what matters. 

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