Fine Art Weddings

Who said that having an exotic wedding in the middle of the Balkans is impossible? The sky is the limit, and having an outdoor wedding at Villa Green day is definitely one of the most original ideas to create your own unique memories that you will cherish and remember for many, many years.

Jovana and Miloš’s wedding was indeed one of a kind. Yes, we decided to have some of the best portrait pictures taken in the woods just outside Novi Sad, but not only that. This definitely made the whole atmosphere much more magical and fairy-tale like, but we also jumped from the Rapunzel feel to the one that features pineapples and flamingos. 

Wedding photography packages such as this one really capture the true nature of both sides of the happy couple. It shows their romantic side, which is definitely the reason why they were here in the first place. However, it also showed how colorful and unique they can be – adding just a dash of retro feel to their decor was just the right thing to do in order to create stunning memories. 

Apart from spending some time being completely romantic and loving in the midst of greenery, the happy couple chose the Villa Green Day as the venue for their special day. Decorating it in the most exotic, Hawaii-like wedding definitely made it something that’s not seen quite often in this part of the world. Only the eyes of the best wedding photographers can see the beauty in each and every detail, and I am so thankful that I got this chance.

It’s always a pleasure working with couples like Jovana and Miloš. Not only are they completely in love which can certainly be seen in the photographs, but they are also completely open-minded, unique and always think outside of the box. And this is precisely the reason why this wedding was one of the most beautiful I ever attended. Thank you for choosing to be so extraordinarily original.

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