Fine Art Weddings

It’s always extremely inspiring when you think about how much colors can enhance the aesthetic look of an event. Take an example of Anna and Bojan’s wedding for example – the combination of tender and soft colors of the wedding dress, the wooden note of the cathedral and the purple hues of lavender is definitely something you will find with this urban wedding photographer.

And not only that – this wedding was indeed a one-of-a-kind. We started preparing for their big day in the interior of a rustic apartment in the heart of Novi Sad, where we could witness and feel the atmospheres of both the past and present. This is not only very important for the whole wedding and the emotions it evokes, but for the whole aesthetic moment that will be forever captured in photographs and portrait pictures. This is why the black and white photographs really stood out – they represented the echo of the past and the modern feel at the same time.

It’s thanks to the beauty of Novi Sad that all the photographs taken in front of, and in the cathedral made a perfect combination with the photographs taken during the preparation process. Moreover, Anna and Bojan know that it’s very important to have a certain motif that will be present throughout the wedding, and it seems that the lavender was that motif. The cathedral was decorated in the nicest shade of purple combined with white lace, which made the modern photography photo session in a lavender field quite a logical option. It’s such a shame that smell cannot be distributed throughout a photograph. But who knows, perhaps it will one day. 

The climax of the wedding took place in one of the town’s most favorite salaš restaurants. This was the best way to finish this day in the same, rustic manner, as this restaurant is indeed quite photogenic. And it seems that Anna and Bojan really do belong in this world – the one that pays a lot of attention to love, details and aesthetics. It was such a pleasure working with a couple who knows the importance of details and colors for lifelong memories, all best wedding photographers would be very envious of this opportunity. And thanks once again that I got to be the one to document them.

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