Fine Art Weddings

It’s always rewarding to be a vintage wedding photographer. Not only do you witness some of the most romantic and beautiful moments of a certain couple, no. You also get to go back to a specific period in time. How’s that possible? Well, a good wedding photographer will channel some of the most beautiful vibes of a certain decade and incorporate them in some amazing pre wedding photos, but also the ones of the actual ceremony.

That was the case with the wedding of Vesna and Alexandar, where we stepped back in time when Serbia was a part of Yugoslavia. Channeling some ’50s moments, Vesna and Alexandar’s wedding ceremony was one of the most unique that I’ve been a part of. Their choice of wedding attire and the decoration would motivate any photographer in the world, so it was completely logical to introduce the retro oldtimer vehicle to the picture. The black and white photos really did paint the yugonostalgic atmosphere even more. Moreover, the photogenic Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad just made this task even more logical – it’s such a beautiful place, so it’s no wonder that many wedding couples choose to go there in order to take their wedding photographs. However, if a couple really wants memorable photos, they need to hire a photographer who has the eye to make this destination even more special and unique. Because it can be, and it deserves to be.

What made this day even grander was the venue of the actual event, and we continued in the same retro manner. The restaurant Žal za mladost is a famous and authentic restaurant from Novi Sad which gives out that nostalgic Yugoslavia feel that has been present during the whole wedding photoshoot. It’s a small yet very beautiful restaurant with a garden that’s old-fashioned – definitely a venue where the most important memories deserve to be documented.

Even though it took place in my home town, this wedding has definitely been a journey. A journey to the past, to the times when everything was so much simpler, the times that our parents and grandparents created. I can only imagine what it was like for the happy couple, and the good thing is that they will always have these outdoor wedding pictures to remember this day by. 

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