Hi, I am Nemanja

My life is about a couple of different things, but what really makes my world are my two girls - my wife Ksenija and my daughter Nora. Since Ksenija and I had Nora, it made me want to make the world a better place for her to grow up every day, even if it's a little bit. With my friends, I've been known as the down-to-earth, spontaneous one, but never shy about adventures and ambition. So the thing is - I actually really love weddings. Every single one, I find truly special. This is because I tend to live the wedding day through with the bride and groom, and I don't consider it a "one-day event". It's an event that takes time to plan, it takes a lot of love and focus. My goal is to make that love show on your wedding photos.

Story of a crazy traveler
and a photographer

Having my career begin in design, I would consider myself a creative. Photography is the creative field that I am most comfortable in, and visual arts are my forte. I love broadening my horizons meeting new cultures. Travelling is one of mine and Ksenija's biggest passions. With traveling, we didn't only meet other people, their customs and cultures, but through traveling, we've met each other, and in a way ourselves. Wherever you are, I would gladly fly out, drive out or paddle to (I was a good rower back in the day). Just say the words - and I'm there.

The place I call home is a pretty town in Serbia called Novi Sad, known for its cultural heritage and chilled out atmosphere. It's the place where I got my lifeguard certificate and an award for the Best Chicken Wing Recipe at a Barbecue contest. Hey, these things matter! Also, I would change my seven-day sea vacation for one day of snowboarding. I'm also a huge epic fantasy fan and could watch The Lord of the Rings on any given day. The weirdest thing is that I don't have ONE SINGLE decent photo of me Ksenija and Nora. Life works in mysterious ways...

So, knowing me a little bit better now, what can you expect from me on your wedding day? Possible laugh cramps, maybe some blushing at first, but eventually - lots of fun. This might come as a shock, but not everyone likes to take photos. I'll make sure that the process is not just painless, but it lets you actually enjoy your big day, without the disruption or need to pose all that much. I will catch that moment, even if you don't strike a Vogue pose. The more natural you are the more raw and real the photos. And in my books - that's what makes them so beautiful.

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