If you are just planning for your wedding and seeking inspiration I am sure that you have found out that there are tons of styles that you can emulate for your event. Some of those styles and ideas are not as relevant as the idea of an outdoor boho wedding. Vesna and Aleksandar are quite an inspirational couple who managed to organize a perfect Belgrade boho wedding, and I will have the honor to show you all the details.

Their wedding was the first boho wedding I had the pleasure to photograph, and the best thing was that it was a totally DIY wedding. We started our photo shooting sessions while they were at home, preparing for the event. Their home totally reflected who they are as a couple, and I tried to capture all those cool DIY moments in their apartment so you could have a short story in front of you. 


From wooden table to guitar, everything was giving me a vibe of retro aesthetic and connection with natural shapes and colors. Vesna decided to wear a DIY lace wedding dress with sleeves, and her bouquet was made out of tiny flowers named baby’s breath. Aleksandar decided to wear a tie and an elegant suit, and their cat decided to wear a bow tie. 


Before meeting the guest, we decided to visit the older parts of town. The cobbled streets and old houses were a great backdrop for retro images. As you will probably notice, her hair and his shoes were in the same shade. I was amazed at how they paid attention to every detail and looked so polished and elegant even though they organized everything by themselves.


After the visit to Petrovaradin, we went to a restaurant “Zal za Mladost” where the ceremony was held in a beautiful backyard. Rustic bricks, wooden chairs, and simple floral arrangements were so charming and convinced me that it is possible to create magic on your own if you have enough time and ideas. In the end, I would just like to point out how gorgeous that wedding cake looked, and how much fun we all had in that beautiful backyard. Everybody was dancing beneath the starry sky long into the night, and I think Vesna and Aleksandar had the time of their life.


I would just like to thank them for choosing me as their wedding photographer for this beautiful Belgrade boho wedding.