Why is Budapest the ideal destination for elopement weddings?

Are you considering eloping, and need an elopement photographer in Budapest? Read ahead why I think this is an ideal city for you.

Budapest has everything one wedding photographer can look for. It is a perfect mix of historical monuments, specific bridges, and the most scenic streets and buildings. It is also so elegant and expensive-looking, and affordable and welcoming.

Today, I wish to share my excitement about Budapest and show you how great it can be for your elopement wedding. And if you decide to go on with the plan, you will surely need a Budapest elopement photographer.

What is an elopement wedding?

First of all, let’s define elopement. This kind of wedding is organized suddenly, and it usually has that mysterious aspect. No one knows that two of you have just woken up one morning and got married. Like Rachel and Ross in Las Vegas. Except, you don’t have to be totally drunk to do it. And you can call your small group of friends to join you. 

Another thing about elopement weddings is that they are usually organized in other cities. So you are basically escaping and getting married by your own rules.

These kinds of weddings are pretty popular in post lockdown since people are deciding to have intimate weddings and are excited to travel again. There are even elopement packages and arrangements in travel agencies.


Why is Budapest ideal for elopement weddings and destination weddings?

Budapest is well known for its day-spas, castles, restaurants, and spicy food. According to a travel magazine,, Budapest is one of the cheapest holiday destinations.

This makes it perfect for you to bring a small group of friends or just parents to your wedding and cover their expenses.


Famous Instagramable spots in Budapest for wedding photos

Buda Castle, Heroes Square, and Fisherman’s Bastion are just some of many perfect locations for taking photos in Budapest. Budapest is like a cake with many layers for Budapest elopement photographers like me. No matter how many times I have been there, I always find new spots for incredible photos, and this city always delivers. If you want to go for the princess team, Budapest has castles; if you wish to do a natural theme, Budapest has a fantastic river Danube; if you want something with a hipster European vibe – you have got it. 

Budapest exists in the Marvel universe

Budapest is interesting for wedding photographers, but it is also one of the favorite places for filmmakers. If you have watched Avengers: The End Game, you probably know about Budapest from Natasha. Black widow is also filmed there since we can see those high ceiling European apartments in this movie. I apologize if you are not a fan of this franchise, but it is a pretty cool fact for me. If you like different movies, I suggest looking at this list of movies filmed in Budapest. Maybe you will find your favorite movie on the list and get inspired for your wedding elopement in Budapest. 


Affordable accommodation in Budapest and excellent public transport

You can find very affordable accommodation on the main street – Vaci street. Prices are lover in February, and a bit higher during summer festival Sziget. My advice is to take an apartment that has windows towards the Danube. But whatever place in Budapest you pick, public transport is fantastic. You will be able to run in your wedding dress and high heels everywhere. Months that I can recommend for elopement are from March until May and September until November. You can definitely elope during summer, but it can get hot in the city and overcrowded with tourists. 


Best thermal Spas in Europe

The best thing is that you can not only get married in Budapest, but you can also stay for your honeymoon. If you come in the winter, I highly recommend visiting the famous Szecheny baths and Gellert baths. Gellert baths are very aesthetically pleasing. This place always reminded me of Ves Anderson’s movies. If you visit Szecheny baths, don’t forget to take a bath in the open pool during snowfalls. It is impressive during the summer, but it is something else in the winter. 


Wedding Party in Budapest

I know it is a bit risky to speak about parties in this day and age, but I really think that Budapest is the best option for celebrating your wedding. You can check the dates for famous Budapest festivals and organize your elopement then, or you can check when your favorite artist is coming to Budapest. This city is always on the map for big European tours, so you can just organize your elopement on a day before the concert of a band that you both love. 

If you are not in the mood for concerts and festivals, you can have dinner in a fancy restaurant or take a romantic boat ride.


Over to you

These are just some reasons I always recommend this beautiful Hungarian capital. It definitely has everything you need to enjoy your love and have stunning wedding photos. If you are interested in hiring me as your Budapest elopement photographer, just let me know here, and we can start making plans. I am already packed and ready for another Budapest adventure.