Dublin wedding photographer

Is there anything better for people who love green than to host their wedding in one of the greenest countries in the world? If this is you, or if you happen to live there, then you might want to find the best Dublin wedding photographer.

Dublin is definitely one-of-a-kind, and it can be a motivation to plenty of artists. Not only does it offer some amazing natural landscapes in its vicinity, but also amazing old buildings that will make any wedding photograph original and unique. 

dublin wedding photographer

This is why, if you have chosen to have your wedding in Dublin, you need to pay attention to these things. Wedding photography is important, and I will try to create memories that you will never forget. I will try to capture every single look, smile, touch, and I will do my best to capture every scent as well.

Also, fun fact. Ireland is one of my favourite countries in the world (and I’ve been around). Draft Guinness, a plethora of whiskeys, awesome people, everything you need to keep a smile on your face. I had a chance to learn, by my self, that the Irish can throw a hell of a party. And I want to be there, to immortalize every second of it, so you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family for generations that will come.

If you still need a Dublin wedding photographer, I can be your guy. Take a look at my work and decide for yourself, and if you will still have me, don’t be afraid to contact me via the contact form below, or slip me a DM on Insta. My inbox is always open for you.

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