A decade ago, elopement weddings used to be an uncommon practice. The bride and groom would decide to run away and get married when their parents were against the marriage. I know it sounds romantic, but for some people that was the only option to get married. In some countries and cultures, this custom is still a taboo, but things in the wedding industry are slowly changing and elopement is becoming a hot new trend. 

Nowadays couples who are financially independent find this idea very close to their heart because it allows them to travel to a beautiful location and avoid stress with the organization of weddings. It is also a budget-friendly solution for couples who would rather save money for the future. Sometimes, there is a baby involved, and the couple just wants a quiet wedding without the fuss. 

Natasa and Nemanja decided to have an elopement in Montenegro, and this one wasn’t so secret because they took me along as their wedding photographer across Montenegro. They decided to go visit two beautiful locations on the Adriatic sea – Perast and Kotor. Both of these cities are beautiful and idyllic, and what is most important, both of these cities are incredibly photogenic.   

Perast has that Venetian feel, and Kotor has a medieval charm so it was difficult to decide where to create more images. Natasa and Nemanja had two outfits, the first one was more casual, and the second was elegant. Natasa wore a tulle skirt and heels and Nemanja decided to go all black and spice that up with white sneakers. Those sneakers were quite helpful when he started to dance and create acrobatic poses like I never saw before. Nemanja was a professional dancer, so we just had to capture that part of his personality.  

Their elegant photoshoot took place beneath olive and oleander trees in the afternoon. Natasa wore a white silk dress and pearls, and Nemanja was wearing a white shirt and wooden custom made bowtie. Sun was collapsing over the sea, and we took some beautiful pictures of them standing on the stone dock. They looked so calm, but they were full of energy, and so in love!

They wanted to jump into the water when I told them that the photo shoot is almost over. They wanted to feel free and relaxed because they think that marriage is that awesome adventure they want to start with the smile on their faces. Actually, that was the reason for their elopement. That feeling of freedom and adventure. We agreed that they should jump into the water for the finale of this amazing day, and created one of my favourite wedding photography moments.  Perfect photo for the beginning of an amazing adventure. 

I would like to thank Nemanja and Natasa for hiring me as their photographer on their elopement in Montenegro and having this opportunity to witness their Mediterranean adventure.

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