Mauritius wedding photographer

Opting for a Mauritius wedding is a great idea, but you will need a Mauritius wedding photographer if you want to remember your big day decades later.


Why is good wedding photography important? Just imagine the time in 20, 30, or even 40 years, and the way you will feel when you open your photo album and you see some of the most amazing photographs of your big day there. Imagine how beautiful you will feel when you see your smile in the photographs, the details that you so carefully selected days before the actual wedding, and the looks that the two of you gave each other.

mauritius wedding photographer

Eloping to Mauritius?

On top of it all, imagine how beautiful will all that look in Mauritius. This an amazing destination and it deserves to be fully documented and experienced. So, if you are planning to have your wedding in Mauritius, don’t fail to contact me. I am always open to suggestions and different ideas, and I think that the ideas of both sides can create something timeless.

I may not be a Mauritius wedding photographer but I may be THE guy for you. If you are epic fantasy, snowboarding, adventure taking kinda peeps, we might be a good match. You can check out the things I’ve done so far, or what is currently happening around me in the bolded links (talking about Instagram of course).

My inbox is always open. If you have any ideas, let me know. If you have any wishes, also let me know. I will be here, waiting for your mail, trying to come up with different original ideas to make the memories of your wedding day last forever.

Drop me a Hello, don't be afraid.