Seyschelles wedding photographer

Hi! If you are in search of the best Seychelles wedding photographer, you have come to the right place!

I am Nemanja and I am a wedding photographer. My job is not only to take photos of the bride and the groom, but it is also much more complicated than that. In order to fully transport the experience from the event into the photographs, a photographer needs to pay attention to all details and to know how to combine different elements that will make these memories completely unforgettable.

seyschelles wedding photographer

Seychelles is an amazing place and it would be such a shame not to show it to the world and not to use it for your own photographic advantage. This is where I step into the picture, as I will try to make every second of your wedding memorable and aesthetically pleasing, as not everyone opts for a wedding in Seychelles and it would be a shame not to have jaw-dropping photographs.

Silly me, all this talk about finding your perfect wedding photographer on Seychelles and I still haven’t told you anything about me. I am based in Belgrade, living my best life with my wife, my 3yo daughter and a baby boy on the way. I love morning coffees on my balcony, boardgame Fridays and cold craft beer with my famous chicken bbq wings. The only thing that I really dislike is marzipan, so try to avoid it in the cake.

You can contact me at any time, via the form below, or just drop a DM to my ‘gram, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. After all, we do have the same goal here – to make your wedding immortal!

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