Stockholm wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Nemanja, and I am looking forward to being your Stockholm wedding photographer. My job is a simple one – make sure that you never forget your wedding, even decades later.

Sweden is not only a country that produces amazing music and great films. It is also a country where minimalism creates the best designs ever. A country where you can have the most spectacular wedding party and have a fairytale-like ceremony, which is exactly what you need.

I myself live by the rule less is more, which is reflected in my photography also. We don’t need much, you two, nice wall, some light and lots of love to make everything the way it should be. Everything else is just an addon to make things even more epic.

stockholm wedding photographer

That is why I try to put all my skills together and produce photographs that you will remember forever.

If you are planning to have your wedding in Sweden, feel free to contact me and I will fly there with all my skills and knowledge. Because weddings are not only about the decor – the beauty lies in the details. In the light. In the petals of the flowers. In the earrings of the bride and the way that the groom touches her hands.

Feel free to contact me, and let me prove why I am the best person for this job. If you do not trust me, check my work and see for yourself. My mailbox is always open for you and your ideas.

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Drop me a hello, don't be afraid.