Countryside weddings are known for their charming nature and that special intimate feel. This week I would like to show you one amazing couple from Switzerland who decided to hire me as their wedding photographer for their swiss wedding. We will explore how beautiful it can look if you decide to have a wedding on a ranch with countryside decoration.

Jana and Peter are from a beautiful Switzerland, and I am sure that living in this country made them appreciate nature even more. That is why they decided to have an outdoor ranch wedding which was carefully decorated by talented people from Flamboyant flower design company. If you take a closer look you will notice a famous fruit table filled with watermelon, grapes, paprika, hats, books, and beautiful flowers. It all looked so eclectic and mixed with soft flickering candlelight it looked very romantic. Feel free to take a look at this swiss countryside wedding.

Peter looked amazing alongside his bride, who decided to pick a simple yet elegant wedding dress which was accompanied by an amazing bouquet. But the most beautiful was their son, who was with them during this important day. He had a little bow tie like his father, and he was making sure that everything goes well on this photoshoot. Just kidding, but I really enjoyed having him around, and he certainly helped create more relaxed pictures of young parents. 

The wedding venue for this swiss countryside wedding is a famous ranch named Salas 137, which has a huge backyard with tall trees. Beneath the trees guests gathered and set on wooden chairs while Jana and Peter were in front of an enchanting altar. The best part of this wedding were the moments in which newlyweds talked about their love, and when I heard the speech of their family and friends. This kind of intimate atmosphere is usually hard to capture, but you can definitely see all of their faces, and moments when guests are trying to hide their tears of joy. 

If you scroll just a little bit more, you will see that beautiful wedding cake with berries and white roses, and just a small part of the pictures created during the party. After all, this is an intimate celebration far away from everyone, and we have to keep some pictures just for the closest circle of friends and family. 

In the end, I would like to thank Jana and Peter for choosing me as their countryside wedding photographer and letting me be a part of one of the most important days in their lives.

If you liked this swiss countryside wedding and you would like to have me as your destination wedding photographer, feel free to contact me