Engagements are a huge step in everyone’s relationship, and they can put a lot of pressure on an average guy. Even though I am personally laid back, I was pretty nervous before proposing marriage to my wife, Ksenija. So I know that every piece of advice you can get can be valuable. As a professional Vienna wedding and engagement photographer, I wanted to share a few tips from my point of view and inspire you to organize your engagement in Vienna. Or, if you are already engaged, create a fabulous photoshoot of your engagement.

Top  Places for an Epic Engagement in Vienna

My first task is to share with you some of the options for the engagement venues in Vienna. Some are well known, but I also tried to include something that is a bit under the radar. If you read my previous articles, you probably know that I love finding spots where famous movies were filmed. I also love photoshoots on interesting venues and creating images that my colleagues still haven’t captured. So no matter if you pick something popular or something entirely different, I will enjoy capturing these moments for you. Here are the spots this Vienna wedding photographer has for you:

Baroque proposal at Belvedere

Even though this one is really one of the first places that come to your mind when people mention beautiful places in Vienna, trust me, it is still a great option. Just think about it. It will be easy to tell your girlfriend to come to this place and see this magnificent building, fountains, and sculptures. Then, while she is busy taking pictures and selfies, you can ask someone to take your phone and record a video of your proposal. Or you can come there with a group of friends and surprise her in this summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy. 

Option for a rainy day – Palace of Justice

As a wedding photographer, I just love building with glass ceilings. This means that the place is lighter, and photos taken there will be impressive even if it is not the most beautiful weather.

Also, the architecture of the Palace of Justice is Neo-Renaissance which makes the whole proposal even more magical and exquisite. So please just check the working hours of this palace, and remember that after she says yes, you can check out the view from a rooftop cafe in this building and enjoy one of the best views in Vienna.

Schönbrunn Palace engagement

You can’t visit Vienna without visiting Schönbrunn Palace, gardens, palm house and gloriette. 

So, in case your future fiance didn’t see this place, I highly recommend it. As this is one of the most visited places in Vienna, consider the time when you visit. Even though this is quite a crowded place sometimes, I suggest you take her to a maze for a private proposal. Or if you don’t mind other people, you can do it on the stairs while she is admiring the Gardens. 

Under the radar: Hundertwasser House 

This location is a bit under the radar for regular tourists. Still, I think this one is quite a specific Vienna location. Especially during the spring. So, after visiting  Schönbrunn Palace, Albertina and Belvedere, you can go for a stroll in the Landstraße district and stop in front of the colorful building called Hundertwasserhaus. 


Even though you will be able to visit this place only from the outside (there are tenets living there), you will get to admire the work of famous Austrian artist and ecological activist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. And there, right on the street in front of this famous vibrant building, you can ask your girlfriend to become your wife. This proposal will get another dimension if your girlfriend is a passionate activist, art and architecture lover, or into sustainability and ecology.

Locations from the movie “Before Sunrise”

Whether you watched this movie or not, I am quite sure that your future wife knows about it. The movie Before Sunrise was filmed in Vienna, and it covers some really cool spots that this city has to offer. One of those spots is a record store that the main characters visited. It is located at Windmühlgasse 10, and the exterior hasn’t changed a lot since this movie was filmed. Perfect spot if you are into vinyl and music.


Celine and Jesse also walked through Maria Teresa Platz. I definitely recommend that place, mainly because of the beautiful buildings, museums, and gardens with sculpted bushes. This place is incredible during the summer months, and you can even arrange a romantic picnic there. The main characters also visited the Ferris wheel, where you can propose above the city, and a small cafe named Kleine’s cafe.


Basically, they went all around Vienna and had fantastic chemistry, so if you need additional inspiration after this article, don’t forget to check out that movie. 

Other options and ideas for Engagement by Vienna wedding photographer

As I mentioned above, some Instagramable places and famous venues can be a perfect spot for your engagement in Vienna. However, the best advice is to check out what kinds of movies and books your future wife loves and recreate some of those moments or places for brownie points. But Vienna is the best choice if she is into history, art, music, and famous Mozartkugeln. You can take her to a fine dining restaurant, organize a picnic, or find a horse-drawn carriage. There are endless options, and I hope this Vienna wedding photographer has inspired you a bit.

How to hire a professional wedding and engagement photographer for Vienna Engagement?

Some people decide to hire a professional photographer to be at the spot when the proposal happens. On the other hand, some couples love taking photos after a private engagement. Whatever you decide, I am here for you, and I am sure that we can think of creative ways to celebrate and capture your engagement in the best way possible. You can contact me anytime with your ideas and proposals for your Vienna engagement. I must add that I love traveling, so if Vienna is not the city of your choice, we can discuss other locations as well. In the meantime, feel free to check out my blog posts and my gallery to know what you can expect from me.