Wedding photographer Crete

Hello you, did you come here because you need a wedding photographer on Crete? If yes, then congratulations, as you might have found the one for the job!

My name is Nemanja, and I am a wedding photographer. What many fail to understand is that being a photographer is not simply going around and taking photographs. Being a wedding photographer is much more than that. Catching every glimpse, every movement, every look, every smile is what makes or breaks the wedding photo album. And this is why I tend to pay attention to everything.

wedding photographer crete

If you have chosen to have your wedding in Crete, you’re in for a treat as this island really has it all. Culture, history, beauty, sea. This is why it would be a shame not to choose someone to include all of these elements in your wedding photographs, as your goal should be to have the most unforgettable memories of your big day in front of you. Luckily, that is also my goal.

Getting married in the Zeus’ homeland truly sounds like an adventure. Being a mythology fan myself, it would give me great honor to be your wedding photographer on Crete, so we could praise the Greek pantheon together. For more info visit my wedding page, perhaps you will find something that will tingle your mind. On the other side, for more recent insight into my life and work, you can stalk me on Instagram, I won’t mind.

If you want to let me work on your wedding memories, feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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