I am about to tell you about one of the coolest and best-organized weddings I have had the chance to attend. Thanks to my wife Ksenija, who is one of the best friends of the bride I was invited to this amazing wedding and hired as a wedding photographer in Denmark. The reason why I am mentioning this is that this was not a typical wedding. Only family and friends could be involved in its creation, and not a single one person outside the circle of family and friends was not hired.

Caroline and Nicolai decided to move the focus from extravagant to a family-oriented wedding. They used the power of their community and got everyone involved in creating this DIY hipster wedding in Rørvig, eastern Denmark.

And it worked like a clock.

Their closest relatives helped them decorate the family farm with flags and flowers, and it all looked eclectic and charming. The Danish and Norwegian flags were hung around the venue because Caroline is from Norway, and Nicolai is from Denmark. So this could be also called a nordic hipster wedding. 

Almost every chair was different, but they were all decorated with white bows. Table cloths were blue, and the flower decorations were from the meadow nearby. Drinks were put in a specific kind of ice which they usually use for fish. And I must mention the food, the food was local, made by their family, and it was delicious. 

On his family farm, Nicolai has the cutest Iceland pony, and that strong horse was pulling the chariot to the church. They got married in a typical Danish country church. The facade of this church is lime-washed in yellow pigment, and it looks amazing in the Northern sun. 

As you may notice on the pictures Nicolai was barefoot the whole day, and it just shows how casual and cool the whole ceremony was. Caroline was wearing a classic lace mermaid dress, but she took her shoes off when we went to take some pictures on the beach. And you will see in the pictures, it wasn’t the warmest day of the year. I guess it’s from wedding adrenaline, but it might have to do something with their Viking blood. 

We also had the chance to take some epic shots in front of the windmill. The meadow around that windmill was full of flowers, and some of the most romantic shots were created there. I just can’t decide if those were better than those with a horse in the woods, so please leave a comment and help me.

As usual, the last photos in my gallery are full of great moments at the party. Their guests were very stylish, and they had so much fun in that beautifully decorated farm. They played with plastic guns and swords, they had a cowboy with a guitar, and I felt so much love there. It was in every part of that space.  It was in every vase with flowers and in every napkin. They really managed to connect their families through this amazing wedding, and I guess after all that is the only thing that matters.

Caro, Nicolai…thank you for having me as your wedding photographer in Denmark.

If YOU are in the search for a photographer in Copenhagen. or anywhere in Denmark, I would love to be your photos guy.

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