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Magnificent Dubrovnik is a perfect spot for your wedding day! If you have googled wedding photographer Dubrovnik, you probably found me there. Good job!

So let’s meet and discuss your wedding photos. 

I am Nemanja, currently based in Belgrade, but I always have a suitcase packed when there is a couple in need and want to have a photoshoot in some beautiful location. I am a simple man who loves good beer and spending time with my family and friends. I love tradition, but I also love breaking it and creating something new and refreshing. If you would like to know more about my work, check out the stories on my website.

dubrovnik wedding photographer

Let's explore King's Landing together!

Travel guides usually mention that sunsets in Dubrovnik are spectacular, and I couldn’t agree more. But no matter what time of day it is, this old town and its stone walls, wide streets, and terracotta rooftops create the perfect scenery for romantic photos. 

You can use Dubrovnik’s cable car and check out the whole town, just like Khalisi does with her dragons in The Game Of Thrones series. As you probably know, this city was one of the locations for this hit show (King’s Landing), and you will see Game Of Thrones souvenirs all over Dubrovnik. There were the iron throne, red keep and the stairs of shame for Cersei. Usually, these locations are crowded with tourists, and they can be used only in the early morning if you want to avoid crowds.

If you are a fan, I can definitely create photos inspired by the aesthetics of this TV show, but I would also like to chat with you and see if we can create your own unique story.

Dubrovnik is filled with ancient buildings, such as the Dominican Monastery and Minceta Monastery, narrow streets and stairs that look good even if it rains. It also has nice beaches that can be perfect for Spring or Summer wedding photos. 

I am sure that you already have some ideas about your wedding photos, so feel free to send me an email here, or contact me via Instagram. 

I can’t wait to become your wedding photographer in Dubrovnik.

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