Wedding Photographer New Zealand

If you have been searching for a wedding photographer in New Zealand, you are at the right spot.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Nemanja, and I am a family man who is in love with his wife, his daughter and his job.

If you would like to browse through my work you can check out my stories on this website. If you would like to have a wedding and hire me as a wedding photographer for your New Zealand wedding, I would like to have a chat with you.

wedding photographer new zealand

Let's explore Middle Earth together!

There are so many magical locations in this beautiful country, and I would like to inspire you with my suggestions after you decide where your wedding photos will be made.

When you mention New Zealand to people, their first association is The Lord Of The Rings movies, and that is why I will start with Hobbiton on the North Island. It is perfect for fans of hobbits, and in general for couples who are into beautiful movies and locations such as this.

If you want to create a fairytale wedding photo, we can visit Milford Sound on South Island. Waterfalls and all that beautiful nature looks great even if on a rainy day.  If you love simple flowers, and lakes, there is the Tekapo lake on South Island as well. During the night, this is a great place for stargazing and creating perfect shots with your loved one.

If you have other suggestions about any other location or any other kind of questions for me, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me via my Instagram page.

Drop me a hello, don't be afraid!