Wedding photographer Zanzibar

Hakuna Matata!

Blue skies, blue ocean. Palm trees in the background. A wedding dress melts into the white sand while holding onto the black wedding suit. You really need a good wedding photographer in Zanzibar if you want to make heart-warming memories such as these out of your wedding.

If you are hosting your wedding in Zanzibar, you are in luck, as this is one of the most Paradise-like locations in the world. However, you need someone who will know how to approach this destination and thus make every picture-perfect.

wedding photographer zanzibar

Choosing Zanzibar as your wedding destination will bring something new to the table – the ability to make some of the most beautiful, most unique, most elegant and most original wedding photographs ever. This is exactly why it is important to know which photographer to book, as you don’t want ordinary photographs. Simply because Zanzibar is anything but ordinary.

Fun fact. I and my wife Ksenija went to Zanzibar for our honeymoon. It was love at first sight, smell and sound with the island. Ever since it was my dream to someone’s wedding photographer in Zanzibar. It has everything, white beaches, palm trees, spices, monkeys, huge old turtles (looking at you Turtle island!), old town. You name it, Zanzibar has it. Let’s explore it!

If you want me to be a part of your wedding, hit me up. You can also take a look at the previous work I’ve done, and decide for yourself if you want me behind the camera. Be as it may, my inbox is always open for you!

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