People from the wedding industry have seen it all, and they know all the important details that can help them create the most memorable weddings for themselves. For them, it is much easier to decide who they should hire based on their clients’ stories. They basically know who are the greatest professionals in their niche. 

That is why I feel like I had a tremendous honor to be a part of the wedding of our famous bridal fashion designer Jovana, and her husband Milan. They decided to have a wedding party in the club Reset and to have a special wedding photo session with me at Vinarija Šapat.

The location of this winery is on the sunny side of the mountain Fruška Gora, near river Danube. This winery is well known for its specific vines and great food, but somehow we managed to raincheck wine tasting and focus on creating amazing photos.


There are three modern buildings that are part of this winery, and we used them as a backdrop for our session. Bricks, wooden arches, and amazing greenery reminded me of some luxurious suburbs. In front of these objects is a big lawn, and all around the winery are vineyards. 


On top of all that, there was a magnificent copper Cadillac that would make even Elvis Presley jealous. This car created that special retro atmosphere during the golden hour. Beautiful details on Jovana’s wedding dress and the shape of the Cadillac allowed me to create some black and white photos that look timeless. Milan looked so powerful and elegant in his suit, and Jovana was owning that Jackie-O subtle glamour. 


When we finished our wedding session at Vinarija Šapat, we visited vineyards around it to make the most out of this romantic landscape. Jovana and Milan were walking among the grapevines, just like we were in Tuscany. For this part of our session, Jovana wore a mermaid shaped dress from her collection, and Milan was thrilled how gorgeous she is. 


I would like to thank Vinarija Sapat for letting us use their space for this amazing alfresco wedding photo session. Also, I would like to thank Jovana and Milan for choosing me as their wedding photographer. I know how amazing my colleagues are, and I am so glad that someone from the industry wants me to be a part of their special day.

If you are interested in a wedding session at vinarija Sapat, feel free to contact me and we can start planning your own magic right away.