How to organize a perfect wedding in Italy?

Tips from a wedding photographer

It might not seem like it but wintertime is the most romantic of them all. If you don’t believe me, then I have to mention the winter is definitely the busiest time for wedding proposals. According to wedding statistics, during December and winter holidays the majority of people decide to pop the question. Some will surprise their loved ones near the Christmas tree, others will wait for the midnight magic of New Year, and others will set everything for Valentine’s day.

But, no matter when the “Will you marry me” question occurs I am sure that you will find my guide for the organization of the wedding in Italy quite interesting and inspiring. I tried to sum up all the latest wedding industry trends, and to focus on some beautiful locations on which wedding photographers in Italy can do the best photos. There are also some useful tips that are actually answers to questions that I usually get from my friends when I come back from Italy. I hope that my experience as a wedding photographer in Italy will be useful to you and your friends who are about to get married, and if you like this article don’t hesitate to share it.

Let’s begin!

how to plan a wedding in Italy

What do I need to get married in Italy as a foreigner?

The laws in Italy allow people who are not born in Italy to get married there and to organize a wedding. So, no matter if you are planning a civil or religious wedding ceremony, you are welcome to Italy. The only thing you need to have are some regular documents like birth certificates, passports and documents like “Nulla Osta” and “Atto Notorio”. These documents certify that there is no legal impediment to the marriage. However, the best and the smartest thing would definitely be checking with the consulate of your country in Italy. That way, you will get all the information necessary and there will be no room for mistakes. Also, you can ask them about prices for all those documents, but it should be around 100 Euros.

What is the best time to get married in Italy?

The season for wedding parties starts in April, and it ends in October. The most popular months for weddings are definitely the summer months, so if you would like to get married during the summer months, you should definitely start contacting venues earlier.

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What to wear for a wedding in Italy?

If you are attending a wedding in Italy for the first time in your life, you should definitely pack elegant clothes that you can wear when it is hot. Italy during summer months is sunny, like the rest of Mediteran. So, my suggestion is to choose a fabric that is breathable and in which you can spend some time in the sun. Linen, silk and other natural materials would be the best choice if you ask me. But, please, don’t ask me about fashion rules, because I don’t know a lot about that. I think that everybody should wear what they feel is appropriate and good enough for a wedding.

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Wedding in Italy: How much does it cost?


Italy is perfect as a location for elopement weddings if you are into low-budget weddings. Also, maybe it would be budget-friendly if you decide to make one of those micro weddings for the smallest circle of friends and relatives. I suggest checking prices for accommodation and reception because those parts are always the most expensive ones. 

According to some people from the wedding industry, the price of a decent wedding in Italy is between 20 000 and 80 000 euros. I am sure that with the help of the internet and a great wedding planner, you can organize something quite beautiful, and not as expensive. In order to save some money, the best thing is to start planning early. That way you will grab the best wedding photographers (who are usually booked in advance), wedding dresses with special wedding discounts, and you can contact local suppliers and find the best offers for your reception.

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What are the most popular wedding venues in Italy?

The most popular at the moment are those wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast. The dramatic landscape, beautiful houses of Portofino, and exclusive yachts made Amalfi Coast quite popular for people who are looking for a dose of extravagance and intimacy. Venice and Sicily are both still quite interesting because of their specific architecture and atmosphere. Weddings on Lake Come are also very interesting and popular, and I would also recommend checking venues in Tuscany, near Florence. However, I decided to show you some spectacular venues in each part of Italy, and help you decide.

Wedding in South Italy and Sicily

South Italy is raw and magical. Palm trees, stone houses, and the sound of the sea around you will certainly be an experience to remember. There are so many gorgeous villas for weddings in the south, but I decided to mention Villa Barone Alfieri because of its exterior, and its family story. This villa was home for the Grimaldi family until 1907 and it maintained its original look ever since. There are two buildings, one was used as the residence of a lord, and the other one was the part where they produced honey, doves, and rabbits. 


Every guest room has that Mediterranean vibe, and there is also a beautiful pool for your guests surrounded by vegetation and stones. This is not only a wedding venue, but this can also be a perfect house for vacation since they have a lot of things to offer here. I just loved the fact that they have SPA, horseback riding, bicycle rentals, and babysitting service.

Wedding in Lake Como and north Italy

Northern Italy is a very specific part of the country because you can still see the Alps if the sky is clear, but then also, you enjoy beautiful lakes such as Como. My favorite wedding venue in the north of Italy is a historic villa Montalbano which has a garden that overlooks Lake Varese. This building looks astonishing, and it has so many beautiful places for your wedding photos. 

For those who would like to have a Catholic wedding, there is the Church of La Motta nearby, and the city hall for civil weddings is a 5-minute walk away from this villa. The best part of this villa is not just its beauty, but also the fact that there can be up to a hundred and sixty guests in the rooms with you. I worked before on a similar boho wedding which you can find among my blog posts if you need extra inspiration.

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Wedding in Positano, Italy

A private villa in Positano sounds bombastic when you say it out loud. If you would like to be the one saying it, then I would like to show you villa San Giacomo. This villa has a million-dollar view from the terrace which is above the sea and the dazzling Amalfi Coast. Just imagine raising glasses with the people you love while you watch the glittering sea and charming architecture from above. This villa was built in 1741 when a merchant decided to build a house on a hill so he could watch ships arriving into the harbor. Today, this is one of the best places to get married in Italy.

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Wedding in Tuscany, Italy

Pine trees, lavender fields, and country roads always remind us of a beautiful Tuscany region. This part of Italy is not only one of the best for hiking and wine tasting, it is also one of the most romantic ones in my opinion. And one of the best venues in Tuscany is definitely villa Catiganano which was built in the 17th century. This amazing villa has frescoed walls, beautiful wooden floors, a big swimming pool, and that famous Italian style garden. It is good to know that once this was a big farm where they produced olives and fine wines, and today it is a rural and cozy place for creating magical weddings. If you would like to see how a Tuscany wedding looks from my point of view, you can go through my previous blog posts.

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Additional inspiration:

Which celebrities had a wedding in Italy?

If you need more inspiration, it is always best to check out what others did, and I suggest exploring some of the amazing wedding photographers out there, to pick up the ideas. Also, for additional ideas, you can check which celebrities had a wedding in a city that you would like. For example, we all know that Kanje and Kim had their wedding in Forte di Belvedere in Florence and that Gorge and Amal chose Aman Canal Grande luxury resort in Venice.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel decided to take their families to Italy’s Borgo Egnazia resort in Puglia back. Star of the movie “Devil Wears Prada”, Emili Blunt and her husband John Krasinski got married near Lake Como. Basically, they all got married in areas that I mentioned above, but I am sure that their wedding decorators and photographs have created amazing experiences which can inspire us.

Wrap Up


I hope that I gave you a lot of material to dream about and plan ahead and that you had the chance to find something new and exciting. In case you decide to organize a wedding in Italy after reading this blog post, I would like you to know that my camera and suitcases are always packed and that I am open to chat with you and exchange ideas if you would like to hire me as your wedding photographer for an Italian wedding. 

If you have any questions about my available dates or rates, just send me a short email. I check my emails regularly, and if you don’t feel like writing emails, you can write to me via social media profiles. 

Have a great holiday season!

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