When planning a wedding, couples have to create compromises. Deciding whether to have a traditional celebration or a modern wedding party by the pool is a tough one. Never the less, a modern wedding at Club Reset is always a good choice! However, there are couples who somehow manage to have it all. Luckily for you, they decided to pick me as their wedding photographer, so I can tell you their story and inspire you.

As you can see below, they decided to get married in one of the sixteen medieval monasteries of Fruska Gora Mountain area, and I must add one of the prettiest I have had the chance to visit. Monastery Hopovo was founded back in the 16th century and today still looks amazing. Back then, this was an educational and religious center for Serban people in this area, and it is well known as a place where famous cultural inventor and writer Dositej Obradovic lived.

Valentina and Milos wanted to have a truly traditional orthodox wedding which involved rituals such as drinking holy wine, wearing crowns and holding candles during the wedding ceremony. It was truly beautiful to see them how they are becoming one in front of their family, and I created a lot of pictures inside this monastery.

I paid special attention to capturing moments with the orthodox priest and with the best man. Two of them led the couple throughout the ceremony, while they were holding candles and walking around the altar.

I was also inspired by the beautiful bride and her fantastic dress which was perfect with that headpiece. The contrast of their modern styling and religious atmosphere elevated their photos to the next level.

After the magnificent ceremony in Monastery Hopovo, we needed to reset.

Newlyweds took as to another beautiful location near Novi Sad, but still far away from traffic and neighbors who don’t like loud music. We were in one of the most beautiful venues on Fruska Gora Mountain, we were in club Reset.

This club is well known for its magnificent view, and amazing outdoor area with the pool. Wedding decoration was simple, with white balloons, round tables, white wooden Tiffany chairs, and a jaw-dropping buffet.

I will not spoil these images with my words anymore. I hope that you can feel this perfect balance between modern and traditional wedding dress. It was every modern wedding photographer’s dream to have the best from both worlds in one day. 

Special thanks to Valentina and Milos for having me to be your modern wedding photographer at Club Reset, I wish you guys all the best.

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