Today, I would like to meet you with Vesna and Daniel and show you how you can create unforgettable weddings no matter the circumstances. They showed me how easy it is to recreate the Italian wedding vibe without going to Italy. That is the reason why I can’t wait to share how exciting it was to participate in their Tuscany wedding at Vinarija Deuric as their wedding photographer. We met on Fruska Gora, near monastery Mala Remeta, in a famous winery: Vinarija Deuric. Dusty country roads and pine trees around the winery created the perfect atmosphere for this wedding. It is not far away from the city I live in, but it felt like we were in another country. On my way there, I already saw how I can use these roads as backdrops for their wedding photos. Vineyards were all around this place, and the winery itself looked mesmerizing.  If you have been reading my blog before, you probably saw that I used to do a wedding photo session in the famous wineries, but this was my first wedding party.

Vesna and Daniel organized a wedding for a small group of closest relatives and friends, but it felt like a big celebration. White table cloths, candles, and white flowers were so elegant and in perfect contrast with the greenery around us. Vesna was wearing a gorgeous one-shoulder wedding dress and beautiful flowers in her hair. Daniel was wearing a suit with a red tie, and they both looked so happy and excited. Especially when they came out of the winery, and saw their guests and musicians. The wedding ceremony was held there, and afterward, we went for a walk to take more photos with the bride and the groom in the vineyard around the premises.  It was a beautiful sunset on Fruska Gora, and they were lucky to have such a warm summer night in this beautiful winery. The party was great, and I wanted to capture all those beautiful people dancing, eating cake and drinking wine.  I would like to thank Vesna and Daniel for hiring me as their wedding photographer for this Tuscany wedding at Vinarija Deuric, and I would like to invite you to come and see how beautiful this winery is and taste some of their wines.