You have probably heard about the famous wedding tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. This tradition inspired so many modern weddings around the world and it also inspired this photo shooting. I would like to introduce you to Zorica and Mirko who hired me as their Belgrade wedding photographer and made my job so much easier with their brilliant ideas and attitude.

We started this photoshoot while they were getting ready. I have found some beautiful and meaningful details like cuffs shaped like their capital letters, and I wanted to show you how elegant Mirko is with his bowtie. There were some interesting details in their apartment that I wanted to capture. There were some notes, books, and running medals. Those details are important reminders for the future, and it will probably take them back when they sit and look at the photos again in a few years.  Zorica was looking stunning in the new wedding dress from a 3 dots bridal wedding shop in Belgrade. So we can say that the wedding dress was something new, and her beautiful shoes were something blue in this setting.  After the church wedding (this is something old and traditional right?) we went into the woods nearby and created some of the best pictures of this wedding. As you can see we had a Cadillac and balloons on the set. Yes, it was something borrowed, but newlyweds “owned” the whole photoshoot. Zorica and Mirko looked like it was their Cadillac, and they were such professional models! They enjoy each other’s company so much, and I didn’t have to give them a lot of instructions. They were holding balloons in front of the Cadillac, and they looked like couples which you see when you are searching for vintage car photo ideas. However, one of my favorite photos created here was the one in which Zorica trail is dancing in the wind behind her while they are holding each other. So romantic, and such a good wind that day, even though it was the warmest day of the summer. In case you are wondering what are the usual instructions for a photo shooting, you can check out one of my blog posts about best couple poses for photoshoots. Zorica and Mirko seem like they read this article, and it was really a great pleasure for me to be their Belgrade wedding photographer for this modern wedding.