Best Couple Pose Ideas for Your Wedding Photos

and tips how to get your photos done stress free

Planning a wedding? Or just daydreaming about it? Let me guess, you have probably pinned every possible wedding-related pin on Pinterest, and saved all the cute couple photos on Instagram. You can name all the names of the wedding venues, decorators, and photographers in your town by heart. Maybe you are even going to take extra dance lessons, who knows, and who can really judge? Weddings are a huge deal these days, and people tend to invest a lot of time and money in the idea of a perfect day. No one will remember all the important details, and that is where the wedding photographer comes in. My job is to capture all those hidden smiles, gentle looks, and the whole atmosphere of the party. But let’s be frank, the most important part of a photographer’s job is to create wonderful wedding pictures that you will frame and show to your kids when they grow up. Bear in mind that this article is not only for couples who are planning a wedding but also for all the romantic souls out there who want a great memory captured of their friend’s special day. No matter the age or your relationship status, these ideas for the best couple pictures can inspire you to fill your Instagram account with beautiful moments spent with your special someone. You can also send this article to your parents or grandparents and inspire them to renew their own vows. It’s never too late to celebrate love, or to see your parents tipsy!

A few things to know about couples photography 

  When preparing for a wedding day, you have to take care of your timetable. Some couples decide to have one day dedicated to creating photos and visiting that perfect location, and some of them decide to do formal portraits before the wedding party. If you are planning to do everything in just one day, then these tips for posing in front of the camera will save you a lot of time and explaining. You will return in time to dance with all your guests, and thank everyone for coming. If you read this post carefully and remember the most important lessons in it, you will even find time to eat at your own wedding.  However, if you and your partner decide to have a party and see a photographer another day, with these tips you will finish everything much faster, and the whole process will be more enjoyable for you and your photographer.  As you already know some people tend to get very nervous in these situations, and if your partner or you feel like something is not pleasant during the photoshoot, you must communicate that with your photographer. If you feel like your partner is a bit anxious, you can tell them how much you appreciate him or her for stepping out of their comfort zone, or just tell them how proud you are. It goes a long way, and they will feel more confident and better about themselves.  Now, let’s see what are the best poses, venues, and props for creating dreamy couples’ pictures.

The best couple poses for wedding photos

While you are picking the color theme, the venue or the food you tend to choose the things that you are most comfortable with and the things that describe you as a couple. The same rules go with poses.  There are plenty of cool poses, and you can pick those that you think will show you in your best light. All couples need those photos for their mom and dad or older relatives. You know, the ones where you are looking at the camera, and standing still, despite the fact that over time you appreciate more the photos that look natural or goofy.

3 Basic rules when it comes to couple poses

These rules are for everyone who likes to take pictures with their special someone, and not just for married couples. When we deconstruct the myths behind these poses, you will understand how celebrity couples always look good on their fancy red carpet photoshoots.

  1. Snuggle and cuddle – Women should turn her pelvis toward her partner, and create that flattering ¾ posture that will make you look slimmer. A man should just stand tall and place one hand in his pocket, and the other hand around her waist.
  2. Chin down, look up – In order to look more sophisticated on these photos, remember this rule. Move your chin down, and look up to the camera. Also, you can practice that perfect angle of your head and lean onto your partner, but keep an eye on the camera.
  3. Act relaxed – Yes, I know that you probably won’t be relaxed, so try to look like that anyway. Try to keep the shoulder that is closer to the camera relaxed, because then it will look slimmer. Also, keep your hands closer to your body, or sling your hand to the part of the waist that is near you, that will do the trick.

Best hugging poses for newlyweds

  Sometimes a hug can mean so much more than any romantic gesture, and hugging poses are one of the best for your family album. They can never go overboard, and they are sending a strong message of love and support.  There are different hugging poses, and it can sometimes depend on the wedding dress which pose will be the best. If the bride has a specific dress with an open back, then it will be the best that the husband is watching into the camera, so that everyone can see her beautiful back. If the brides feel like it, she can put her head on his chest just like our gorgeous Jovana on her photoshoot with her husband MIloš.   If the dress is romantic and fluffy, it can be in the focus of the picture if the bride is also facing the camera, and the groom is hugging her from behind. This pose can be done while standing or sitting. Her hands can hold his hands or the bouquet, and his hands can hold her around her waist. This couple chose to sit, and relax in the forest, and you can do it too when you need a little break. The partners can look at each other, or they can look in the distance and think about how beautiful and smart their kids will be. Or about their favorite cheese. As I said, I don’t judge. This pose can be even more dreamy if both partners close their eyes, and he holds her arms gently. Basically, every pose will look more romantic if you close your eyes while taking photos but don’t do it all the time, it will look silly.  If you don’t want to look dreamy on your wedding pictures, you can smile. If you feel nervous, and you don’t feel like smiling, try chatting with your partner, and talk about something that you always find funny. If you see that your partner is not feeling very comfortable with this whole experience, try to remind him or her of some cool anecdotes that he or she loves hearing. In my experience, the best photos are those taken spontaneously, while the bride and the groom are just enjoying each other’s company. 

Kissing couple poses that can elevate wedding pictures

  French kiss is awesome, but there are so many other kissing options out there that you can consider for your photoshoot. Let’s now explore what are the best kissing poses for couples pictures, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassing afterward.


Retro kissing couple poses for a photoshoot

  Kissing the hand of the lady can add a retro touch to your images, and if your wedding theme is vintage this pose is perfect. The groom can take the hands of the bride and cares for them while watching her. It will look like in those black and white movies, and this is the best pose if the bride is wearing a princess dress, and the groom a tux. With an old castle in the background or some similar retro scenery, these photos will look like something out of Walt Disney’s dreams.  boho wedding in belgrade A kiss on the forehead can be quite powerful, and it’s usually the groom kissing the bride, and not the other way around. You can learn a lot from Caroline and Nicolai’s wedding photoshoot in Denmark. So, the bride can hold her bouquet, or the hands of her beloved man and enjoy the moment, and the groom can hold her with both hands, or place one hand in the pocket just like Nicolai did here.  When you finish that kiss you can just easily do the next pose: touch each other’s forehead and smile. Something like a kiss with your foreheads, and it is equally romantic and beautiful, just as a normal kiss.      Just take a look at these love birds!    Let’s return to the real kisses now and not just caressing, a topic we will write about later. Vesna and Alexander had an amazing boho wedding photoshoot with us, and their lovely pictures can inspire you to lean on your better half, and kiss gently like there is no one around.


Adventurous kissing poses for a photoshoot 

  All the best romantic movies have those ending scenes that we usually crave for when the story is just perfect. On your wedding day, you can recreate those favorite scenes, or even better, create your own personal story. Kissing in the rain is not as beautiful in reality as it is in the movies, but if you have rain on your parade, you should embrace it like my friends Jovana and Miloš. They kissed in the rain, while holding an umbrella and each other, and this moment is one of the funniest and the most romantic ones that I ever witnessed.  All those kisses created with the combination of the movement will require your strength and stamina, so if you want to have awesome images like Natasa and Nemanja with jumping or lifting your partner up in the air, you should start working out like two months ago. Just kidding, brides and grooms always have the help of adrenalin during these shoots, so just keep calm and eat that cake.

Best locations and props for perfect wedding photos

  It is important to know that the process of photo shooting is gradual. Start with basic poses, like hugs, hair touching, snuggling, and move on to kissing and jumping and running. Props are great to break the routine, and they usually depend on the location and your preferences. I can give suggestions but usually, a couple chooses their own location. It’s important to think about that before hiring a photographer so that you can tell us what you want and expect.  elopement in montenegro If you have trouble choosing the right location, try to think about your relationship, your favorite places (maybe the place of your first kiss or a first date), favorite books, movies, characters, heroes or artists… It is much better to be personal, and go to a place that has some kind of value to you two than to use a location that other people have used a million times before. 

In conclusion

  The most important thing while choosing the poses you would like to have is to practice your posture and find the best place for your arms. Brides can use their bouquet, and grooms have their pockets to keep their hands in an adequate place. Also, you need to be supportive and loving as usual, so that time spent creating memories stays a good one. Try to follow these tips, but don’t be afraid to break some of the rules as well. And, if you have any questions about collaboration or this article, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.