Plan your wedding in Vojvodina

10 best venues for outdoor weddings

Planning a wedding is challenging and full of emotional ups and downs, even in perfect conditions. I know this not only from my own experience but from the experience of all the couples who were hiring me as their wedding photographer in the past years. 

Since I love working with couples from Vojvodina, I decided to help out future brides and grooms to pick the perfect location for their outdoor wedding celebration.

I present to you a list of the 10 best places for outdoor weddings in Vojvodina which will help you explore your options and eventually choose the best place to celebrate your love.

But before we start with suggestions, I have this small paragraph for people who have never been to Vojvodina before (or those who have been only to the Exit festival). 

The rest of you can skip that part and go to my first proposal.

How to prepare for a wedding in Vojvodina?

Vojvodina or officially Autonomous Province of Vojvodina is located in the northern part of the Republic of Serbia and it lays on three big European rivers: Tisa, Danube, and Sava. 

In case you don’t live in the Vojvodina region, I must tell you that this part of Pannonian Plain is specific for its hospitality, warm-hearted people, and beautiful scenery. The hospitality and diversity of dishes in Vojvodina come from the fact that this small region counts 26 different nationalities living together and represents quite a spectacular multicultural region. 

Now let’s move onto practical information for your wedding planning. The climate in Vojvodina is continental, vines are delicious and accommodation can be quite cheap especially if you book early. Some of the venues mentioned below have their own rooms, so your closest friends and family don’t have to book their accommodation separately. There is no special dress code for weddings, and even though the climate is mild throughout the year the wedding season in Serbia is between April and October.

  1. Hidden gem of Novi Sad – Club Reset 

If you are looking for a modern and isolated location that is not far away from the city, you can check out Club Reset. At first, you will be charmed by the specific architecture of the building, and the nature around it. But the best part is definitely well-experienced staff and an amazing pool which is the best for an after-party. If you would like to see how it all looks through my lens, check out this wedding gallery and blog post in which I wrote about modern weddings at Club Reset. Valentina and Milos choose the monastery Hopovo to exchange their vows, and after they got married they celebrated at club Reset.

Weddings at Club Reset in Sremska Kamenica

  1. Best boho wedding at Vila Green Day

If you are into vintage outdoor weddings, Vila Green Day near Novi Sad is a great choice. They are proud of their phenomenal chefs, and staff, but the thing that always leaves a great impression on me is the atmosphere at these weddings. It seems like people let loose easily when they are surrounded by nature. Definitely, a good choice if you are trying to find a venue that would go well with your boho Pinterest board. You can check in my gallery how weddings at Vila Green Day can look like for more inspiration.

Vila Green Day vencanja na otvorenom

  1. Salas 137 for an exceptional rural wedding experience

If you would like to explore how people lived in Vojvodina for centuries and create a rustic country experience for your wedding I suggest you visit Salas 137. This country complex has 13 hotel rooms and they are inspired by AltDeutsche style. However, don’t be fooled by the looks. This restaurant has a very modern way of service, and it allows you to create quite an eclectic and modern type of weeding with a twist. You can check how Jovana and Boris from Novi Sad celebrated their wedding at Salas137, and get some ideas.

Vencanje na Salas 137

  1. 22:22 House for a Dose of Glamour 

If you want a glamorous outdoor wedding house 22:22 could be the one for you two and your guests. Not only it has spectacular architecture and a pool, but it has a glamorous past – all of the famous Serbian music stars had their intimate parties and photoshoots at this amazing venue. Just like all venues above, this location is isolated, and you can party hard here without annoying neighbors.

House 22:22 Vencanja

  1. Tuscany in the heart of Novi Sad – Burano Garden

Tuscany-inspired house Burano and its beautiful space will spice up every party and make it more iconic. This place is new in town, but it gained popularity quite fast because of the amazing atmosphere created for intimate weddings and parties. As you can see from my wedding editorial, the decoration in Burano Garden is quite exceptional, and I am so glad that I had the chance to work there and see among the first how it looks inside. This could be also a great location for bridesmaids’ parties or birthdays and intimate dinners.

tuscany dream wedding inspiration

  1. Famous Winery Zvonko Bogdan in Subotica

Winery Zvonko Bogdan (named after a famous singer-songwriter) is a few kilometers away from the beautiful city of Subotica and surrounded by vineyards. If Burano reminds you of Tuscany, then Winery Zvonko Bogdan will definitely make you feel like you are in France with Meg Rayan smuggling grapes. Just kidding, but it definitely has the elegance and beauty seen in movies. Many couples who wanted to have a destination wedding in Vojvodina, finally decided on this location so I would recommend this as a starting point if you are not from Vojvodina. Excellent service, excellent scenery, and just exceptional cuisine.

vinarija zvonko bogdan vencanja

  1. Secret winery on the sunny side – Atelje vina Šapat

Winery Atelje vina Šapat is located on the south of Vojvodina (Novi Slankamen) and it has specific red bricks and a super cool driveway around it. This winery is well-known in the area for its delicious food and vines and retro charm. When I was working on this location I loved the fact that it is located on the sunny side of Fruska Gora, and all the nature around which is an excellent backdrop for wedding photos. I said it in my blog about this place, but I want to say it again. This place is one of the favorite places for people in the wedding industry, and it has 5 stars from me as well.

wedding session at vinarija sapat

  1. Romantic getaway at 4 Pera (4 Feathers estate)

This fantastic private estate is near the pond Carska Bara (if you want it translated I would say  Imperial Pond) and just an hour’s drive from Novi Sad. A big pool and endless space around you will give you the sense of tranquility that Vojvodina is well known for. It is good to know that this is also a specific part of Vojvodina because of the number of bird species who live in this area and make the atmosphere more romantic. This is a go-to place for all travelers who want to experience how it feels to see stars in Vojvodina during the summer nights and experience the real hospitality of Vojvodinian families. And you can make it a perfect place for your wedding, just don’t forget to take me with you as part of your entourage.

9. Forest wedding at Akacia Open-Concept

Akacia open-concept weddings allow you to experience true forest weddings from fairytales. An interesting enclosed glass part is surrounded by big acacia trees, and the space inside is furnished with handmade pieces. If you check out their website, you will see that they recommend this space for smaller weddings (up to 200 people) and people who had their celebrations there are giving kudos for food and specific atmosphere. 

  1. Creative space: Sonata Open-Concept

As my last suggestion, I have chosen a venue nearby Belgrade with a forest pool and beautiful garden. It is called Sonata open-concept, and it allows you various opportunities for your wedding celebration. With all those different features that it offers, you can have a completely different wedding than your friends. Even your friends that picked this exact place. It has a big power of transformation and what is more important it has a lot of space for your creativity and your guests.

And that is all folks, at least for now. I am waiting to read your comments and hear where the best weddings in Vojvodina are in your opinion. If you have any questions, or in case you already know where you would like to get married, and the only thing missing is a wedding photographer, don’t be shy to reach out to me.